5 Entry-Level Watches For New Collectors

New to watches? Let us recommend 5 types of luxurious watches for your needs.

Start your watch collection journey with a practical yet exquisitely designed timepiece. Luxury watches do not always have to be expensive as most luxury watches carry a wide range. This guide aims to introduce entry-luxury watches that are valuable for your money.

1) Cartier Tank Francaise. Its appealing feature includes being water-resistant, lightweight, and sturdy. Made with steel outer casing and blue sapphire gemstone crown, this watch is durable and attractive for daily wear. 

Retail price: S$5,000
Material/ feature: Steel and quartz movement
Case dimensions: 25mm x 20 mm
Water-resistant: 30 metres

2) Bvlgari. The brand name written around the watch face is easily recognizable as a renowned watch designer brand. It acts as a safe and attractive accessory to wear by shallow water bodies, turning your by-the-pool fashion up a notch. The craftsmanship designs are versatile to dress up any outfit, making this wristwatch an all-in-one.

Retail price: S$5,310
Material/ feature: Stainless steel Quartz movement typology
Case dimensions: 33mm 
Water-resistant: 30 metres

3) OMEGA Constellation. The watch face is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, making this a perfect wristwatch for wearers into daily physical adventures. Furthermore, the anti-reflective surface feature is ideal for on-the-go wearers.

Retail price: S$4,100.00
Material/ feature: Steel and quartz movement
Case dimensions: 28 mm
Water-resistant: 30 metres

4) Seiko Astron. The world’s first GPS solar watch. Using atomic clock precision and a GPS network, wearers can immediately have the time updated to where they are located with just a press of a button. This wristwatch is perfect for frequent international travelers, especially when light is the only requirement as a power source.

Retail price: S$$3,638
Material/ feature: Stainless steel case and silicone strap
Case dimensions: 46.7mm
Water-resistant: 200 metres

5) Rolex Oyster Perpetual. With Rolex being the top-of-mind brand for luxury watches, it also comes with the idea that the price point is farfetched. However, with the oyster perpetual, it is one of the most affordable models pricing Rolex carries. The classic everyday watch design with the logo placed in the middle of the watch face can give the wearers the status they desire from the watch. This makes a perfect accessory to dress up for any occasion.

Retail price: S$$7,240
Material/ feature: Oystersteel, self-winding movement
Case dimensions: 28 mm
Water-resistant: 100 metres