Faces of Time Watch Fest

LuxeSTYLE by Maxi-Cash has curated about 600 timepieces from around the world, worth an estimated total value of more than S$5 million, to be showcased at Singapore’s first largest pre-loved timepiece festival, FACES OF TIME WATCH FEST. Catering to the growing pre-loved market for luxury timepieces here, new and seasoned watch collectors can expect a plethora of limited edition, rare and highly sought-after watch models now available for sale or auction at the three-day timepiece festival from 28 to 30 September.

Some highlights visitors can look forward to at FACES OF TIME WATCH FEST include:

I. VINTAGE SHOWCASE – Limited edition, rare and vintage pieces including discontinued favourites such as the Ulysee Nardin Complication circa 1950s and the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 will be on showcase for watch lovers to examine or bid to own one.
II. TIME: UNCOVER THE EVOLUTION – Catering to the growing interest of watches here, specially developed exhibits for this festival will tell the story of time and its history from 14th century when clocks were first used to tell time before miniature timepieces were invented.
III. WATCH WORKS – Have you seen how intricate the pieces of a watch are? Watch live demonstrations as LuxeSTYLE’s skilled technicians examine and inspect watches for authenticity and maintenance, a job that requires hours of focused concentration to ensure no parts go missing.
IV. EXPERT PERSPECTIVES – In collaboration with Singapore Watch Club, its founder, passionate watch aficionado, Tom Chng, will be sharing his insights and perspectives on investing and collecting watches for those looking to start their own collection.
V. COLLECTORS AUCTION – Nine highly-sought after watches from the curated collection will be made available for bidding only through the daily auctions held on each day of the fest. Auctions will start from S$1,500 and will close at 8pm each day. Prior to the fest, another three selected watches will also be made available for an online silent auction starting from 12 Sep. To view the auction items and place your bid, visit www.maxi-cash.com/auction.

FACES OF TIME is free for public to attend and can expect discounts of up to 30% off timepieces and up to 57% off luxury bags and branded jewellery showcased at the festival.