We’ll give you cash for your gold

If you need to trade your gold for cash and you’re looking for the best rate possible, Maxi-Cash can help! We are happy to take luxury gold jewellery, fine gold jewellery and other valuable gold or diamond items off your hands in exchange for quick cash.

If you wish to sell gold for a very reasonable price, visit our store and speak to one of our highly professional pawnbrokers.

Selling your old or unwanted gold jewellery is a fast, easy way to get cash-in-hand during those awkward times when you get stung with unexpected costs or when unpaid bills creep up on you.

Rather than walk into the first pawn shop you see and settle for a much lower rate than you deserve for parting ways with your valuable fine gold jewellery, come to Maxi-Cash and receive the best deal possible for your luxury gold jewellery.

Gold buyers you can trust

At Maxi-Cash, we are all about customer satisfaction. We want our customers to leave our store feeling relieved with the cash they hold in their hands in exchange for their old gold items and accessories.

Whether you’ve been slapped with an unexpected medical bill, or you suddenly need to book a flight to the other side of the world due to a family emergency, or perhaps your new landlord is asking for a higher deposit than the amount you can pull together at this moment, you can sell gold to us and receive cash in return, right there on the spot.

Don’t worry about your credit rating. Come see the professional pawn brokers at Maxi-Cash, and together we can discuss your options for exchanging old or unwanted gold jewellery for same-day cash.